Maserati North America is recalling 7,438 luxury sport sedans, two door coupes, and sports cars for a problem with the suspension that could lead to the rear tie rod assemblies weakening and possibly failing.

According to the recall report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Maserati began investigating the problem after receiving five warranty claims for rear suspension tie rod repairs. They found that the fasteners to the tie rod could gradually wear out the corrosion resistant coating on the threaded portion of the tie rods. If this occurs, the tie rod could corrode, weaken, and fail, resulting in loss of vehicle control. The automobiles involved in this recall include:

Maserati will notify owners beginning end of June and dealers will replace the rear left hand and right hand tie rod assemblies and will perform a wheel alignment. Owners wanting more information about the suspension problem can contact Maserati at 1-877-696-2737.

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