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California Lemon Law Attorney Fees

California Lemon Law Attorney's Fees

Attorney's fees for Lemon Law cases vary greatly from law firms. Some lemon law firms require the client to pay an up-front, non-refundable retainer for thousands of dollars. Others charge a percentage of the client's full recovery IN ADDITION to fees they obtain from the manufacturer. We don't believe that's fair. We have utilized the same fee approach for almost 30 years with the manufacturer paying all or most of your fees.

In lemon law cases, manufacturers are required to pay attorneys fees on your behalf. Lemon law cases are handled on a "contingency" fee basis meaning if there is no recovery, there are no fees. If your case does not require litigation, and a settlement is reached, the manufacturer will pay all or most of your attorneys fees, depending on the manufacturer. If your case requires litigation, and is settled prior to trial (which most cases are), your attorney's fees will be paid by the manufacturer by mutual agreement between your attorney and the manufacturer. If an agreement cannot be reached concerning the fees, a judge may be asked to make a ruling concerning the fees. These fees are then paid to the attorney by the manufacturer. Should your attorney also be successful in obtaining penalties or other concessions from the manufacturer, which is sometimes possible, your attorney may charge you a percentage of these concessions.

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