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California Lemon Law


California Lemon Law Attorney Fees

California Lemon Law Attorney's Fees

Your situation will likely qualify for the California lemon law if your vehicle has a substantial manufacturing defect which affects the safety, value, or use of your vehicle; cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts; and the original repair attempt occurred within the manufacturer's original warranty. Used vehicles purchased while still under the manufacturer's new car warranty, or powertrain warranty, are also covered.

Attorney's fees charged by California lemon law firms for legal representation in lemon law cases vary greatly.

  • Some lemon law firms require the client to pay an up-front, non-refundable retainer. We don't do that!

  • Some lemon law firms demand assurance of a minimum amount of attorney's fees, and if not received from the manufacturer the client must pay the difference. We don't do that!

  • We, on the other hand, only receive payment of our fees from the manufacturer, and only if our client has obtained a successful completion of her or his lemon law case.

Our Lemon Law Retainer Agreement

The California Code of Professional Conduct requires that a law firm have a signed retainer agreement in order to represent a client. Our retainer agreement provides for a contingent fee to be paid only upon successful completion of the lemon law case, and only from the manufacturer.

Our clients pay no attorney's fees.

We provide our best legal representation based on almost 30 years of lemon law experience; and take the risk of receiving nothing if your case is not successfully concluded. A successful conclusion means a satisfied client.

If we represent you in your California lemon law case we will demand the manufacturer repurchase your vehicle and reimburse you for the money you paid, less a "use fee" deduction based on the formula required by California law. After we review your documents we will provide you with our analysis and estimate of your total reimbursement.

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At the Law Offices of Barry L. Edzant, we provide trusted legal counsel to consumers throughout Los Angeles County who have purchased defective vehicles, been injured due to someone else's negligence, and more. When your auto dealership is unable to properly repair your vehicle, our skilled legal team will pursue a lemon law claim against the vehicle's manufacturer to get your money back or put you into a new vehicle. Over many years, we have developed excellent relationships with all auto manufacturers, with whom we work closely to get you the recourse to which you're entitled. Our team also fights on your behalf to recover compensation for injuries you've sustained through no fault of your own. We design tenacious strategies to hold the responsible parties accountable and secure the maximum amount of damages possible.

We believe in the value of personal service. All of our clients meet with Attorney Barry Edzant, our founder, who is personally involved in all of the firm's cases. Professionalism matters here. As a client, you can expect to hear from us on a regular basis. You will always know the current status of your case and be involved in every major decision. Our job is to pursue recourse with the responsible party or parties, plan out the legal strategy, and make sure your claim is pursued vigorously within the California legal system.