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Top 10 Lemon Law Myths

Top 10 Lemon Law Myths

The Lemon Law only applies to new cars.

Myth: The Lemon Law also applies to used cars.

As long as the car is registered in California, the Lemon Law applies.

Myth: For the California Lemon Law to apply, the car must be purchased in California. (There is a military exception to this.)

All you need is three repairs and you win!

Myth: As a guideline, we look whether or not the vehicle has had four repair attempts for the same problem. If it's a major safety issue (which is rare), we can sometimes get by with just two repairs. Or, if the vehicle has been out of service for 30 days (non-consecutive is fine), that can work too.

The dealership won't give me a loaner and I'm entitled to one!

Myth: A dealership has no obligation to provide you with a loaner unless you've contracted for it.

My car has been repaired 10 times under my extended warranty. I win!

Myth: The repairs to the vehicle must be performed under the original manufacturer's warranty. Repairs under an extended warranty won't help you much.

My car qualified! I get all my money back!

Myth: Even if a car qualifies, the manufacturer is entitled to offsets such as mileage, aftermarket items, GAP insurance, and several other deductions.

I bought a Certified Pre-Owned car so I get lemon law protection!

Partially True: A CPO car typically extends the original manufacturer's warranty and if the repairs happen under that extension, it may qualify.

I bought my car from my Uncle Bob with only 5,000 miles. It's brand new but has major problems repaired by the manufacturer. I win!

Myth: When you buy a vehicle from a private party you have basically forfeited your right to bring a Lemon Law case regardless of how many repairs have been made.

I leased my car so I still have Lemon Law protection.

True: It doesn't matter whether or not the vehicle is a purchase or a lease as long as it qualifies given the criteria above.

My visor mirror has been repaired four times. I win!

Myth: The problems with the vehicle must be considered a substantial impairment of the use, value, or safety of the vehicle.

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