A previous client who lives in Los Angeles contacted us a couple of months ago. We helped him 6 years ago with a buyback under the California lemon law because his Chrysler was a lemon. When he started having problems with his 2011 Audi A4, he knew what to do immediately…Call the Law Offices of Delsack and Associates.

His vehicle had been in for repairs on 7 separate occasions and out of service for more than 35 days within 18,000 miles and 18 months from the date of purchase thereby triggering the lemon law presumption. His problems included a defective emergency braking system; defective airbag system; defective climate control system; defective power windows; and defective door closures.

After successful negotiations with Audi, Mr. Delsack was able to tell his client that the manufacturer would be buying his vehicle back under the California Lemon Law and would reimburse him for his down payment, all monthly payments, pay off his loan, and pay our attorneys fees. The manufacturer was entitled to a small usage fee which was subtracted from the total.

If you are having repeated problems with your vehicle and the dealership is unable to fix them, you may be driving a lemon. Please give us a call at 888-395-3666 to find out.

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