Our client was happy to buy a 2018 Cadillac Escalade.

On March 21, 2018 he took it in to the authorized Cadillac dealership because the service stabilitrak warning light would intermittently come on. The car was at the dealership for 16 days.

On December 6 he brought the Escalade back into the dealership because the service stabilitrak light was flashing and then stayed on. The service airbag light was on, too. The vehicle was in the shop for 11 days this time.

The last visit was on March 21, 2019. Our client brought the vehicle back to the dealership because the airbag light was on. The service stabilitrak message was on again. The vehicle was in the shop for 6 days this visit.

Our client called a few months later as someone had told him about the California Lemon Law. He spoke with attorney Barry L. Edzant and emailed some documents for Barry to review. He signed a retainer agreement shortly thereafter and a demand letter was sent to General Motors Corporation.

GMC decided to buy back the vehicle under the CA Lemon Law. They reimbursed our client for his down payment, all monthly payments made so far, his registration, paid off the balance of the loan minus a usage fee the manufacturer is entitled to under the law and paid the attorney fees.

If you are concerned that your vehicle may be a lemon, please call our office at 888-395-3666. We handle cases throughout the state of California.

The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates recently received a call from a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze owner who was experiencing problems that affected the safety of his vehicle. He had complained many times to his GMC dealership and had five (5) unsuccessful repair attempts affecting multiple systems in his vehicle. Continue reading

After analyzing repair orders and the purchase contract of a potential lemon law case, we determined that the owner of a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu did have a valid claim to have his vehicle repurchased under the California Lemon Law. He had complained to the dealer many times about his cars problems and had six (6) unsuccessful repair attempts for various defects. These problems included:

  • Defective Engine Cooling System
  • Defective A/C System
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Defective Temperature Gauge
  • Defective Control Valve Assembly
  • SES Light Remains On

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The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were contacted by the owner of a 2012 Dodge Challenger who believed his vehicle could be a lemon. He bought his car in February, 2013 and started having problems almost immediately. These included defects with the braking system, an air bag light and check engine light that remains on, and a defective fuel sender.

After taking his Challenger to a Chrysler dealer for repairs on eight (8) separate occasions, with defects still remaining, he decided to contact us for advice. Following a short consultation with a lemon law attorney, he decided to retain the Law Offices of Delsack & Assoc., P.C. to represent him in his demand to have Chrysler repurchase the vehicle. Continue reading

The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were recently contacted by a 2013 Toyota Prius owner who was experiencing repeated problems with her vehicle. The EV had been in for repairs on three (3) separate occasions, was out of service in the hands of the manufacturer for more that 62 days, and the problems were still not fixed. She had complained to the Toyota dealer on many occasions about issues which included defective:

  • Vehicle Paint
  • Windshield (etched Spots/Distortion)
  • Back Glass
  • Right Rear Quarter Glass
  • Driver’s Side Window
  • Right Rear Window
  • Spoiler

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The owner of a 2009 Chevrolet HHR contacted the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. after experiencing repeated problems with her vehicle. She purchased the wagon new in September 2010 and drove it for only a month when it started loosing power under normal operating conditions. Persistent problems resulted in the vehicle being returned to a GMC dealer, seven (7) more times for issues that include:

  • Continued Loss Of Power
  • Defective Steering Assist
  • Defective Suspension
  • Defective Electric Brake Control Module
  • Electronic Stabilizer Control Light Remains On
  • Defective Throttle Body Assembly

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After several unsuccessful attempts of trying to get her 2011 Buick Lacrosse CX fixed, a California resident contacted the Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. to see if she qualified for protection under the California Lemon Law.

The sedan was purchased in June 2012 and by August 9, 2012, it had been taken in for the first time to have problems fixed. She subsequently provided GMC at least six (6) more repair opportunities involving several substantial defects. Continue reading

We recently represented a client living in Livermore, CA, regarding his 2012 Mercedes Benz C250w. Nine months ago the car started leaking oil. He had given the Mercedes-Benz authorized dealership at least four opportunities to make the necessary repairs. In total the vehicle was in the dealer’s shop for more than 45 days and the oil leak still was not fixed! Continue reading