Owners of certain 2020-2021 Nissan Armada and 2020-2021 Infiniti QX80 SUVs equipped with V8 engines could experience a fuel system problem that could result in an unexpected engine stall. Nissan learned of a potential issue on these vehicles in June 2020 and initiated an investigation which has lead to the recall of approximately 24,000 vehicles.

According to the defect report, the fuel pump module was not designed to manufacturer specifications and could fail. During the impeller manufacturing process, a buildup of molten plastic on the injection moulding machine cylinder tip could cause the density of the impeller to be out of specification. Fuel inside the fuel pump can cause the impeller to swell, increasing friction between the impeller and inlet cover. Eventually the fuel pump will bind internally and the engine will stall.

Owners receiving notices will be asked to return to the dealers to have the fuel pump module replaced. Nissan’s number for this recall is R21A2, Infiniti’s number for this recall is R21A3 and the NHTSA campaign number is 21V-373.

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