The California Lemon Law is designed to protect car buyers who have purchased or leased a lemon. If your new car, truck, or SUV cannot be repaired by an authorized dealer after a reasonable number of repair attempts, you could qualify to get the manufacturer to repurchase your vehicle and get your money back. Used vehicles can also qualify if it was purchased while the manufacturer’s original new car warranty was in effect, or if it was a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. If your vehicle does qualify as a lemon under the California Lemon Law, you will be able to recover your down payment, (including registration fees, licensing fees, taxes, transportation costs, etc.), your total monthly lease or loan payments, plus all attorney fees.

Regardless whether the vehicle is replaced or the purchase price is refunded, the automobile manufacturer is allowed to deduct a “usage fee” for wear and tear on the vehicle . The amount is determined taking the number of miles prior to the first delivery to the manufacturer/dealer for repair of the nonconformity that led to the repurchase divided by 120,000; multiplied by the purchase price of the vehicle. If the vehicle has 6,000 miles when it is first brought in for repairs, the lessee or buyer could be charged 5% of the purchase price for usage (6,000/120,000 = 5%). This is why it is so important to take your vehicle in for repairs at the first sign of problems.

Because every situation is unique, it is always beneficial to obtain the help of an experienced lemon law attorney. Their knowledge of the lemon law statutes can help you get the maximum compensation entitled to you under the California lemon law.

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