Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an intelligent cruise control system that uses radar senors or lasers to automatically slow down and speeds up a vehicle to keep pace with surrounding traffic. When the system is working correctly, the technology can be a great tool for preventing accidents, but because it is relatively new, software glitches can leave drivers feeling unsafe.

Some 2014 Jeep Cherokee and 2014 Dodge Durango SUV’s may experience unintended continued acceleration while using adaptive cruise control. The problem is being blamed on a pre-validated ACC software code intended to prevent deceleration after an override event. When the cruise control has been set and the driver presses the accelerator pedal to increase throttle more than the cruise control system would on its own, the vehicle may continue to accelerate briefly after the pedal is released, in an attempt to provide a smoother transition to deceleration.

Chrysler is unaware of any incidents related to this issue, but will be recalling affected vehicles because unintended continued acceleration may increase the risk of an accident. To correct the problem, dealers will re-flash the Driver Assistance System Module (DASM). For more information about the problem contact Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403. Chrysler’s recall number is P31 and the NHTSA campaign number is 14V-293.

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