Is your vehicle spending too much time at the repair shop? Has a technician tried to repeatedly fix the problem only to have it resurface or a different problem occur? It sounds like your vehicle could be a lemon and you could qualify for protection under the California Lemon Law.

The California lemon law was put in place to protect anyone who purchases or leases a vehicle which turns out to have substantial defects that affect its safety, use, or value. The law covers new and used vehicles, including the chassis cab of a motor home, a dealer-owned vehicle, a “demonstrator”, or any vehicle sold with a manufacturer’s new car warranty.

The vehicle must have been purchased as retail in California unless you are a full time active duty member of the Armed Forces who was stationed or residing in California when the vehicle was purchased or at the time the claim is filed. (The California Military lemon law came into affect January 1, 2008.)
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How Do I Get My Vehicle Repurchased Under The California Lemon Law?

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