Almost everyone in California knows of the existence of the California Lemon Laws, but until you are personally involved, you may not be fully aware of what the law entails. The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates have been providing consumers in California with the best lemon law representation since 1987 and over these years we have gained the experience and respect in the business to settle our clients lemon law cases efficiently. Below is a brief description of what qualifies as a lemon vehicle under the California lemon law.

  • The California lemon laws provide solutions for California consumers who have repeated problems related to the safety, value, or use of their vehicle.
  • The California lemon law covers all new vehicles, whether purchased or leased, for personal and most small business use.
  • Used vehicles are also covered if the vehicle was purchased while the manufacturer’s original, new car warranty was still in effect.
  • The manufacturer must be allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts, which included four repair attempts for the same or similar problem; or only two times if it is likely to cause serious bodily injury.
  • If the vehicle has been out of service, in the hands of an authorized dealer, for more than 30 days during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles; AND is still not repaired, it can also be considered a lemon.
  • If you are an active member of the military, the California Military Lemon Law will cover your vehicle even if it was not purchased in California.

These are not absolute requirements for our lemon law offices to file a demand for repurchase on your behalf. There are many situations which do not meet these guidelines but which may still entitle you to the lemon law protections.

If you are driving a vehicle that you believe to be a lemon, contact our California Lemon Law Offices to speak with one of our lemon law attorneys. Our free consolations allow us to evaluate your unique situation and determine if you qualify for a buyback or refund under the California Lemon law. Call us at 1-888-ExLEMON (395.3666) or go to

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