Volvo Car USA, the American arm of the Swedish automaker, has announced that it will be contacting owners of certain 2023 Volvo vehicles regarding a problem that could lead to the failure of the e-call system, a crucial safety feature in modern cars.

Volvo first became aware of the problem in March 2023, when a customer reported a false warning message being displayed on the Driver Information Module (DIM). Upon investigation, it was discovered that the problem was related to the Telematics and Connectivity Antenna Module (TCAM), which could mis-detect a communication failure with the Infotainment Head Unit (IHU) during a software download.

The issue was escalated to the Critical Concern Action Process (CCAP) and subsequently to the Critical Concern Management Team (CCMT) for further review. After a thorough analysis of the data, the decision was made to issue a recall for the affected vehicles.

2023 Volvo C40
2023 Volvo S60
2023 Volvo V60CC
2023 Volvo XC40
2023 Volvo XC60
2023 Volvo XC90

Although there will be no actual loss of expected functions, the falsely set Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) could lead to confusion in case of an actual emergency, increasing the risk of no emergency response. Therefore, it is imperative that owners of affected vehicles take this recall seriously and get their vehicles updated as soon as possible.

The recall has been assigned the Volvo Car’s number R10225, and the NHTSA campaign number is 23V-188. It is worth noting that such recalls are not uncommon in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers routinely monitor their vehicles for issues, to ensure that their vehicles remain safe.

In conclusion, Volvo Car USA will be updating the software in certain 2023 Volvo vehicles to address the e-call system issue. The recall is a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of its customers. It is recommended that owners of the affected vehicles take the recall seriously and bring their vehicles in for the necessary software update as soon as possible.

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