General Motors (GM) has decided that a battery defect exists in certain 2022-2023 GMC Hummer EVs and 2022 BrightDrop EV600s. While GM works to develop a fix for this condition, owners will receive interim notifications alerting them of the problem. Once a remedy becomes available, GM will send a second notification with a time frame for repairs.

GM first became aware of the problem in July 2022 after receiving Speak Up For Safety (SUFS) submissions relating to potential electrocoating and urethane sealing issues in certain Hummer EV battery packs. After further investigation, two manufacturing errors were identified.

  1. Under cured electrocoating along certain portions of the battery tray.
  2. Improper urethane seal repair could result in poor urethane seal adhesion in battery packs built during specific build windows.

According to the defect report, flanges on the battery pack enclosure may have been improperly primed or electrocoated, inhibiting proper adhesion of the urethane sealant. If water enters the battery pack enclosure and causes a battery pack malfunction, one or more malfunction indicator lamps may illuminate and the driver information center will display a warning message.

GM is aware of two field reports and a relevant report involving a GM test vehicle. All three vehicles had water leaks at urethane seals that had been repaired by the battery pack supplier during pack assembly. Water inside the battery packs triggered the vehicles’ onboard diagnostics, and the drivers received notification of a battery-pack malfunction.

GM is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or fires related to this condition. GM’s Safety Field Action Decision Authority (SFADA) decided to conduct a safety recall on vehicles containing packs with potentially improperly repaired urethane seals.

The remedy is currently under development. Interim letters notifying owners of the safety risk are expected to be mailed on November 28, 2022. Second letters will be sent once the remedy is available. GM’s number for this recall is N222380031 and the NHTSA campaign number is 22V-771.

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