The owners of certain 2020-2023 Nissan Titan and 2020-2023 Nissan Frontier trucks equipped with 9-speed transmissions, could experience an unexpected vehicle roll-away. A fix for the problem is still under development and Nissan is continuing to investigate whether other Nissan or Infiniti automobiles could be affected.

The problem began in June 2022, when Nissan initiated a recall (22V-457) for certain Nissan Titan and Frontier vehicles manufactured from December 13, 2019, to June 14, 2022. These vehicles were experiencing a potential non-engagement of the parking pawl due to contact between the edge of the parking pawl and the boss on the transmission case. As a result, vehicles could unexpectedly roll away if they were in “Park” but the parking brake was not applied.

In July, Nissan received another report from the Canton, MS plant, that a 2022 Nissan Frontier vehicle produced after June 14, 2022, had moved after being placed in the ‘P” Park position. Nissan investigated the incident and conducted duplication testing to recreate the condition. They found that this issue appeared to be different than the one in recall 22V-457. This problem appeared to be related to an insufficient lifting force of the parking pawl due to friction between the parking rod and the parking wedge. Nissan initiated a quality hold on all 2020-2023 Titan and Frontier vehicles and conducted a plant audit that identified 11 out of 83 vehicles with the subject condition.

The investigation to date indicates that resistance between the parking rod and wedge inside of the transmission housing may inhibit movement of the wedge and parking pawl. If the parking pawl does not engage, an affected vehicle may move after placing the shifter into ‘Park.’ If the driver does not engage the parking brake, potential vehicle movement could increase the risk of injury or crash.

Nissan has decided to conduct a recall campaign due to the safety risk of a potential vehicle roll-away condition. Nissan’s investigation is ongoing, and the final recall fix is still under development. Nissan will be notifying all owners of the affected vehicles, including those that received a letter under recall 22V-457. The interim notification will include instructions advising owners to apply the parking brake whenever they park their vehicle. The NHTSA campaign number for this recall is 22V-671.

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