Our client bought a 2016 GMC Acadia,

In September our client took his Acadia to the authorized GMC Dealership because the A/C on the rear driver’s side and rear passenger side was blowing warm air.

The next visit was on September 25th because the check engine light was on and the vehicle seemed to be idling rough. After filling up the gas the vehicle did not want to start. Also, the A/C stopped working. A light would come on and flash but would not stay solid.

The vehicle was back at the dealership on October 17th because there was a hissing noise coming from the vents and the rear A/C was blowing warm air.

Our client was back at the dealership on December 20th because there was a noise coming from the engine. When turning off the vehicle there is a winding down noise. While using the A/C there is a bubbling noise. Also, the brakes were squeaking and making a bubble noise.

The next visit to the dealership for servicing was on February 6, 2019. The first concern was that when the vehicle was idling and the heater or A/C was on, it was making a bubbling noise. Another concern was the ambient lighting on the front passenger side was inop. The 12 volt charger in the rear was inop. When putting the lift gate up there is a very large clunking noise. The driver’s side door outer belt molding was deformed. The brake pedal was making noises.

The last visit was on February 19th and the ambient lighting on the passenger side by the glove box was inop. They were hearing a light bulb bubble noise from the dash. Also the A/C light button had flashed three times.

It was shortly thereafter that we heard from our soon to be client. They spoke with Barry and sent him some documents to review. Soon after they signed a retainer agreement and a demand letter was sent to General Motors Corporation to repurchase their vehicle under the California Lemon Law. GMC agreed to buyback the Acadia, pay off the balance, reimburse him for the down payment and any payments made, pay off the balance less the mileage fee allowed under the California Lemon Law. They also paid all the attorney fees.

Our client was very happy with the buyback of his vehicle. If you think you might be driving a lemon because of repeat problems that the dealership is unable to fix, please call 888-395-3666 for a free consultation.

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