Our client was so excited with his purchase of a 2018 Cadillac Escalade.

Shortly after our client purchased his new vehicle he started to have problems with it. The first time he took it in for servicing at the Cadillac dealership was on February 5, 2018. He was having problems with the third row seat not folding down. The Air bag light was also on.

A couple of months later on April 10th he was back at the dealership due to the fact that the Air bag light was on again.

The third visit in July was because the Air bag light was on once again. He also complained to the service representative that the carpet was wet in front of the right side second row seat after going through the car wash. The vehicle was also running very rough and the check engine light would flash on hard acceleration.

Our client was very concerned about having had to take the vehicle in for the Air bag light 3 times and was concerned for his safety. That is when he called our office and spoke with California Lemon Law Attorney, Barry L. Edzant. Barry requested some documents for his review and shortly thereafter our client signed a retainer agreement.

A letter was sent to General Motors Corporation demanding that they buy back the vehicle under the California Lemon Law. They agreed and reimbursed our client for his down payment, any payment made, his registration and paid off the balance minus a usage fee that they are entitled to under the Lemon Law. GMC also paid all attorney fees. Our client was quite happy with the results.

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