Our client leased a 2019 Cadillac CTS.

On September 26th he provided the Cadillac dealership the first opportunity to repair the defective 2019 CTS. This vehicle was seen for squealing brakes and the front end was riding rough. He was also having problems with the radio system booting down and then restarting. The mileage at that time was 2,564 miles.

In October he brought the vehicle back in for squealing brakes and the sensation of tension in the front end when he would slow down the vehicle.

On December 13th he was still having problems with squealing brakes and brought it in for the third time.

In January he brought the car in for the brake problem, a vibration in the front end that was felt in the steering wheel and a vibration sound in the dashboard on the driver’s side. It was his 4th visit to the dealership.

Another visit to the dealership was on February 21st with a rattle above the push start button when driving at 30 mph or higher.

The final visit to the authorized Cadillac dealership was on June 16, 2020 with the brakes still making a squealing noise and a front end vibration at 30-50 mph while driving. He had 7,506 miles on his CTS by that time.

After trying unsuccessfully to have these defects repaired by the authorized Cadillac dealership 6 times, he then retained the Law Office of Barry Edzant to represent his demand for repurchase of the vehicle under the California lemon laws.

Our firm was able to win a full repurchase for our client of his defective vehicle. This included reimbursement for his down payment, monthly payments, and registration, less only a mileage deduction allowed under California’s lemon law, pay off the balance in full and paid all attorney fees. We also received additional compensation for our client above the actual purchase price.

Needless to say our client was very thrilled with the outcome. If you are having problems with your vehicle, we would be happy to answer your questions. Please call the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant at 888-395-3666. We handle Lemon Law cases throughout the state of California.

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