In December 2020, Ford opened an investigation into a Ford engineering vehicle that experienced a rear drive unit seizure. The final analysis found that the seizure was the result of inadequate lubrication and that a malfunction during the rear drive unit lubricant fill procedure was the cause of the miss-fill. Further investigation found another ten rear drive units with low lubricant fill level and 3 warranty claims for this condition. As a result, Ford will be recalling certain 2020-2021 Ford and Lincoln cars and trucks.

Vehicles Affected Include
2021 Ford Bronco Sport
2020-2021 Ford Edge
2020 Ford Escape
2021 Lincoln Corsair
2020 Lincoln Nautilus
WARNING: Drivers may hear a metallic grinding or whining sound from the rear of the vehicle prior to a rear drive seizure.

Ford will notify owners, and dealers will check the rear drive unit lubricant level. Axles found to have lubricant at the minimum level will be filled to the full level. Axles found to be below the minimum lubricant fill level will be replaced. Ford’s number for this recall is 21S02 and the NHTSA campaign number is 21V-011.

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