Toyota will be contacting the owners of certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles because of a problem affecting engine and engine cooling. The subject vehicles are equipped with 2.5L 4 cylinder engines that may have been produced with engine blocks with high porosity levels.

According to the defect report, these porous engine blocks could crack and leak internally and/or externally causing the engine to overheat and possible internal mechanical damage. There is also an increased risk of an engine fire if oil leaks should come in contact with an ignition source.

Drivers may be alerted of a problem through engine noises, smoke, illuminated engine warning lights and an audible warning chime.

Vehicles Affected
2020 Lexus ES300H
2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid
2020 Toyota Camry
2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid
2019-2020 Toyota RAV4
2019-2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Dealers will inspect the engine and engine block, replacing them as necessary. Toyota’s number for this recall is 20TA04. Lexus’ number for this recall is 20LA02. The NHTSA campaign number is 20V-064.

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