A problem relating to motor vehicle safety will have almost three hundred thousand 2010-2015 Cadillac SRX and 20112012 SAAB 9-4X vehicles returned to a manufacturer approved repair facility to have the problem fixed.

On the affected vehicles, the jam nut in the rear suspension toe adjuster link may not be torqued to the proper specification. A loose toe adjuster link can cause the vehicle to wander, activate the vehicle’s electronic stability control system, and cause excessive wear to the links threads. Drivers may notice loud metallic noises from the rear suspension when traveling over bumps or potholes. If the treads in the link become worn, the link could separate and create sudden vehicle instability , increasing the risk of an accident.

On vehicles in dealer inventory, dealers will inspect the left and right rear toe link adjuster lock nuts for proper torque and tighten the nuts if necessary. On customer vehicles, dealers will inspect the left and right rear toe link and replace the parts if there is evidence of damage or a loose link. Owners wanting more information about the problem can contact Cadillac customer service at 1-800-458-8006 or Saab customer service at 1-800-955-9007. GM’s number for this recall is 14457 and the NHTSA campaign number is 14V-571.

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