According to reports filed on the NHTSA website, certain 2007-2013 Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles equipped with 6 speed automatic transmission may have been manufactured with insufficient clearance between the power steering pressure tube and the converter housing of the automatic trans-axle. Contact between the two components could cause the steering pressure tube to rust and develop a hole in which power steering fluid could leak. Loss of power steering fluid could result in loss of steering assist, making the vehicle harder to control and increasing the risk of an accident.

Older Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles were not manufactured with the problematic automatic trans-axles, but according to Mitsubishi, a total of six replacement trans-axles were installed in certain 2007-2012 Outlanders, which are included in the recall population.

Owners will be notified to bring their vehicles in to have the power steering pressure tube and return tube replaced with a countermeasure unit. Owners seeking reimbursement for expenses associated with this recall will be asked to contact Mitsubishi Customer Relations Department for instructions on how to apply for a refund. For more information about the problem, contact Mitsubishi customer service at 1-888-648-7820. Mitsubishi’s number for this recall is SR-14-006 and the NHTSA campaign number is 14V-366.

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