We recently received a phone call from a U.S. Marine about a lemon law case involving his 2010 Chevrolet HHR. The military client bought the vehicle while stationed in Ohio before he was transferred to California. Shortly after the move, the vehicle started experiencing repeated problems with coolant leaks and the air conditioning compressor.

Before 2008, the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act did not cover vehicles that were bought out of state. As a result of a lawsuit brought on behalf of a USN buyer, the California Lemon Law was expanded to allow service personnel who had purchased a vehicle out of state, to obtain relief under the Lemon Law if they are now stationed in California. This law has become known as the California Military Lemon Law and has been adopted by most states across the U.S.

After discussing the potential case, the client submitted his paperwork for our analysis.  Mr. Delsack determined that the client met the criteria for the California Lemon Law and submitted a demand for repurchase to the manufacturer.  Within a few months, Mr. Delsack was able to negotiate a full buy back which included reimbursement to the Marine for his down payment, monthly payments, lien holder pay off, and attorney fees, less only the usage fee as required under the Lemon Law statute. The vehicle was soon able to be returned to a local California dealer.  

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