The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is warning automobile manufacturers that they will begin monitoring fuel economy ratings more closely after complaints of overstated mileage claims. An investigation last November into inaccurate vehicle mileages on certain Hyundai and KIA vehicles, led to the automobile manufacturer reimbursing owners for inaccuracies as well as reduce the mile per gallon (MPG) ratings on a total of thirteen vehicle models. These inaccuracies are not limited to only vehicles with combustion engines. In October, Nissan Leaf owners in Arizona claimed that after only a year of driving, their vehicles suffered a significant loss in driving range. Nissan ended up buying back two Leaf vehicles in the interest of customer satisfaction. The FCC said they will continue to work with automobile manufacturers to develop more accurate data. The White House hopes to see fuel economy ratings at 54.5 mpg by 2025.

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