No injuries have been reported, but after concerns were raised by Transport Canada, GM has decided to recall almost 200,000 pickup trucks for an inadequate child restraint system in trucks without rear seats. The vehicles involved in the recall are:

  • 2004-2011 Chevrolet Colorado
  • 2004-2011 GMC Canyon regular cab
  • 2004-2011 GMC Canyon extended cab
  • 2007-2008 Isuzu I-290/I-370
  • 2006 Isuzu I-280/I-350

According to GM, “The child restraint top tether anchor for the front center seat position is not accessible for installing a child seat”, so the child restraint may not be properly secured.”

Customers will be mailed an owner’s manual supplement that describes how to install a child restraint using a top tether in the center position. Dealers will modify the back panel trim cover to allow access to the top tether anchor, if requested by the customer.

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