If you are a Tesla owner and you have a Lectron Vortex Tesla Supercharger (NACS) to Combined Charging System (CCS) adapters in your vehicle, you may be contacted by Dropcases Ltd., regarding a potential problem affecting the safety of your charging system.

Some NACS to CCS adapters may not securely latch to the charger. An unsecured adapter may be disconnected without shutting off the charger power, increasing the risk of an electrical shock.

Dropcases LTD, the manufacturer of the adapters, became aware of the the problem in April 2024 when they saw a YouTube video showing a customer who was unable to latch their charging unit to a Tesla Supercharger. Dropcases LTD contacted the user, requesting the return of the adapter for evaluation and an internal investigation was initiated. It was determined that an error in the supplier’s processes resulted in a limited number of non-conforming units being shipped to customers, specifically within the first 1,121 units. Out of an abundance of caution, Dropcases LTD chose to recall the part.

According to the defect report, the adapters affected include certain Vortex Plug Tesla Supercharger to CCS Adapter 500A / 1,000V. The adapter enables charging at Tesla Supercharger stations for non-Tesla CCS1 electric vehicles. The issue affects the NACS latching mechanism on certain adapters.

Some units feature a latch pin that deviates from the intended design, impacting secure locking of the charger coupler. If the adapter does not latch securely, the charger coupler can potentially be forcibly removed by the user without depressing the NACS latch. If the adapter does not securely latch and a user attempts to disconnect it from the charger without releasing the NACS latch and cutting power from the charging station, there is a heightened risk of an electrical event, which could increase the risk of injury.

Dropcases Limited will be sending owners notification letters with instructions on how to get the adapter replaced. These letters are expected to be mailed May 3, 2024. NHTSA Campaign Number: 24E-033.

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