General Motors believes that they have the final resolution for the Chevy Bolt saga by replacing the entire battery system on the Bolts. While the new batteries are starting to make their way into the Chevy dealerships, and into the vehicles, the waitlist is long, and the dealerships are getting limited inventory. One dealership we recently spoke with informed us that due to the physical complications in replacing the batteries, the process is slow, yielding perhaps only one or two vehicles per day. At this pace, the replacement of batteries into all Bolts will take several months.

In the meantime, GM has offered repurchases to many owners of the Bolts, but they’re not following up with consumers with time frames or logistics. While promises are being made, actions are not. And while a case is pending with GM, consumers are still struggling with how to protect themselves from dangerous fires, or something even as simple as where to safely park their Bolt.

We now have a client whose Bolt actually did catch fire in the middle of the night causing the destruction of the vehicle and other property. So, we know first-hand just how dangerous these vehicles are, and the destruction they’re capable of. Please heed all of the warnings GM has given and especially do not park a Chevy Bolt in an enclosed area.

We are still successfully pursuing Bolt cases against GM on a daily basis. For a free consultation, please email attorney Barry Edzant directly at and I will personally discuss your case with you. Be safe!

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