Subaru of America have decided that a defect could exist in the suspension of certain 2021 Subaru Impreza vehicles. Owners are advised to NOT drive their vehicle until the repair can be completed.

In June 2021 Subaru opened an investigation into the 2021 Impreza, after receiving a field report of a partially separated lower control arm. In August a second field report was issued with a similar condition as the previous report. The vehicle production dates were two (2) days apart and the LOT number stamped on the control arm were the same. As a result of the joint investigation with the supplier, 75 left front lower control arms containing a specific LOT number were identified as potentially containing an improper weld. An improper weld in this location could lead to a partial separation of the lower control arm from the cross member. If this partial separation occurs, the tire could contact the wheel well structure and the driver could lose control of the vehicle.

Description of the Cause: Equipment on the control arm assembly line was damaged, resulting in contact between the part ejector rod and the welding torch. This interference caused the welding torch to be unable to trace the proper welding path and resulted in an incomplete weld at the joint.

For all of the potentially affected vehicles, Subaru dealers will inspect the LOT number stamped on the left front lower control arm. If the control arm contains a specific LOT number, the part will be replaced. Until the inspection/remedy is completed, customers will be instructed not to drive their vehicle and to make arrangements with their Subaru dealer to have the vehicle inspected. Subaru’s number for this recall is WRI-21 and the NHTSA campaign number is 21V-675.

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