Toyota will be asking the owners of certain 2019-2020 Toyota Yaris vehicles to return to their dealerships for a problem that could lead to fuel pump failure and an engine stall.

Last year Mazda, which is responsible for the vehicle’s design and manufacturing, started an investigation into Mazda and Toyota vehicles experiencing fuel pump failures. Based on the recovered parts and other investigations, Mazda reported that the fuel pumps in the subject vehicles were affected by exposure to high environmental temperatures.

According to the defect report, these vehicles are manufactured with low pressure fuel pumps with low density impellers. These impellers were exposed to production solvent drying for longer periods of time which make them more susceptible to fuel absorption, impeller deformation and impeller cracking. In some cases, the impeller could deform to a point that creates enough interference with the fuel pump body to cause the fuel pump to stop operating. An inoperative fuel pump will result in an illuminated check engine light, master warning indicators, rough engine running and an engine no start and/or vehicle stall while driving.

Toyota will be contacting owners of affected vehicles with instructions to return to their dealerships to have the low pressure fuel pump assembly replaced. Toyota’s numbers for this recall are 21TB05 and 21TA05. The NHTSA campaign number is 21V-617.

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