Our client bought a 2018 Cadillac Escalade and was very happy.

His first visit was on December 13, 2018 to the authorized Cadillac dealership because the airbag light came on.

He was back at the dealership 3 months later on March 12th because the airbag light was on again.

He had to bring his Escalade back in on May 30th because the airbag light was on again for a third time. The check engine light was on, too. And the A/C was blowing hot from the left side even though the temperature was set to full cold.

Our client was frustrated with the dealership not being able to fix the problem. It was at this point that a friend told him about the California Lemon Law and he called our office and spoke with Lemon Law Attorney, Barry L. Edzant to find out if his vehicle might be a lemon. He sent some documents to our office for Barry to review. Shortly thereafter he signed up with our firm and a demand letter was sent to General Motors Corporation.

GMC decided to repurchase our clients defective vehicle. The manufacturer reimbursed our client for his down payment, all payments made so far, his registration, paid off the loan less a mileage deduction allowed under the California Lemon Law. GMC also paid attorney fees.

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