Our client was very happy to buy her 2017 Jeep Patriot.

Her first visit to the authorized dealership was on July 31, 2017. She had multiple concerns that she shared with her service advisor. The tire light was on but all pressures were fine. The passenger front window would not go up with the driver side switch. There was also a problem in that the vehicle would only run for a few minutes when started with the remote.

The next visit was on November 10th because the check engine light was on.

Her last visit was December 6 and her Jeep Patriot was in the shop for 29 days as the check engine light was on again.

She contacted us in January and spoke with Barry L. Edzant, a California Lemon Law Attorney Specialist. He asked her to send our office some documents for him to review. After his review and consultation the client decided she wanted Barry to represent her.

A letter was submitted to FCA, USA demanding they buy back her vehicle under the California Lemon Law. FCA agreed to do so and reimbursed our client her down payment, all payments made, her registration, paid off the vehicle loan minus a mileage deduction the manufacturer is entitled to under the Lemon Law. They also paid the attorney fees. Needless to say our client was thrilled.

If you think your vehicle might be a lemon please give our office a cal and speak with Barry L. Edzant. The toll free phone number is 888-395-3666. Find out your rights under the California Lemon Law.

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