An investigation into reports of water intrusion into the passenger compartment of certain 2020-2021 Mercedes Benz GLE and GLS, cars and SUVs has led to a recall of over 6,000 vehicles. Owner notifications are expected to be mailed out in June.

According to the defect report, at the end of May 2019 Mercedes Benz launched an investigation into customer complaints of water intrusion into the driver and passenger side foot wells of certain GLE and GLS vehicles. The investigation revealed a deviation in the assembly process of the air conditioner drain hoses that would allow the drain hose to disconnect and condensation to enter the passenger compartment. If a significant volume of condensation enters, it could cause corrosion and/or short circuits to electrical components.

NOTE: Drivers may experience problems with door locks and the vehicles emergency call (eCall) feature; the engine may not start or may enter limp-home mode. Sings that the problem exists include wet carpets in the front foot wells and fogged windows.

Vehicles Affected Include
2020 GLE350
2020 GLE450
2020 GLE580
2020 GLS450
2020 GLS580
2021 AMG GLE53

Dealers will inspect and correct the installation of the air conditioner drain hoses, as necessary. The NHTSA recall Campaign Number is 21V-288.

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