Our client purchased a used 2016 Cadillac Escalade.

Her first visit to the Cadillac dealership was on July 30, 2018 because of a squeaking/clacking sound that was coming from the suspension.

Her next visit was 2 days later so the dealership could do a used car safety check and they replaced the windshield wiper inserts.

At the end of August the Cadillac Escalade was brought in because the vehicle was riding rough. She was also having problems with the A/C not blowing cold air.

The next visit was October 8th as the TPM light kept coming on and the tire pressures were reading differently. The transmission was jerking and lurching in both forward and reverse.

March 15, 2019 she made another visit to the dealership because when her foot was on the brake there was a lot of creaking noises coming from the rear wheel area on the drivers side. The check engine light was on and the vehicle was not shifting correctly. The vehicle was continuing to have a rough ride. The Service Drivers Assist was coming up on the DIC.

Her last visit was on April 8th in as much as the transmission was continuing to lurch and jerk. The rear lift gate had stopped opening.

It was then that she called the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant, a California Lemon Law Attorney with over 32 years of specializing in Lemon Law. She spoke with Mr. Edzant and he then asked her to email some documents for him to review. After Barry reviewed the paperwork and explained to the client her rights, she decided to retain our law firm. A letter was sent to General Motors Corporation demanding that they buy back the vehicle under the California Lemon Law.

Our firm successfully got a full repurchase for our client for her defective used Cadillac Escalade. The buyback included the reimbursement of all payments made to date, the down payment, the registration, paying off the loan less a mileage deduction allowed under the California Lemon Law. GMC also paid for all attorney fees.

If you think your vehicle may be a lemon, please contact the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant at 888-395-3666. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. We are a California statewide Lemon Law firm.

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