Our lemon law client was so happy about purchasing his 2018 Chevy Traverse. After a few months he starting taking his vehicle to the authorized Chevrolet dealership to have them make repairs on his vehicle.

The first visit was on May 16, 2018.  His complaint was that the third row middle seat belt would keep getting stuck.

The next visit in November he requested an alignment check which they performed.

Our client’s third visit was because the defrost control was coming apart.

A couple of weeks later he was having problems with both the rear and middle seat belt buckles.

His next visit was to request another alignment which the dealership completed.

He was back in on July 23. 2019 because he was seeing a shift to park message when he was in park and could not turn off the vehicle.

The next visit was to perform a recall on the brake pedal.

His Chevrolet Traverse was back in the shop a month later because the check engine light was on.  While there they also found the code P0018 and fixed it.

The last visit to the Chevrolet dealership was on February 14, 2020.  Our client stated that while driving over 60 mph, the RPM’s were revving high and it felt like it was losing power.  This happened while accelerating.  The check engine light kept going on and off.  He also complained that the shift to park message appeared when in park and he could not turn off the vehicle.  At this point our client was frustrated and felt that he had given General Motors enough chances to fix his vehicle and so he called our law office.  His spoke with attorney Barry L. Edzant and then emailed our office some documents for the attorney to review.

We sent a demand letter to General Motors Corporation demanding that they buy back his defective vehicle under the California Lemon Law.  They agreed to repurchase his vehicle, pay off his loan, reimburse him for any monthly payments made and his down payment less a mileage fee allowed under the California Lemon Law.  They also paid for his registration and paid for his attorney fees.  Our client was thrilled with the results.

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