Our client gave the Chevrolet dealership 6 chances to try and resolve all the problems he was having with his 2017 Chevrolet Corvette.

The first visit was on February 28, 2017 when he brought it in due to the mode select feature was inop.

The second visit was in March and the throttle response in any mode seemed to be the same.

His third visit was for multiple problems.  He noticed an intermittent stumble around 75 mph while city driving.  The power steering rack was seeping.  When changing stations on the steering wheel switch, the display showed it moving to another station but it did not actually move to the other station. The driver window was losing it’s memory and would be left down over night.   And lastly, there was a lack of acceleration when in trac mode.

The fourth visit was in August.  The problems included the car stumbling at low speeds, the IPC was inop at times during the night and after driving hard and coming to a stop there would be a delay when trying to accelerate again.

The fifth visit was in July 2018 and the Chevrolet dealership had the vehicle for 15 days. It was in due to a cold start problem and there was a clunk while shifting into reverse. He was continuing to have a stumble while driving at about 70-75 mph with a light acceleration in manual mode in 8th gear. While coming to a hard stop and then accelerating to go to a passing gear he felt a delay before the Corvette would accelerate. Also, the launch control was not working.

His last visit was on May 17, 2019 and he took it to the dealership for a shudder at 30-40 mph while accelerating lightly. The dealership had his vehicle for over 32 days total and was still not able to fix his vehicle. That is when he called our law firm.

Our firm filed a demand on our client’s behalf for General Motor’s Corporation to repurchase his vehicle under the California Lemon Law. Within a few months they agreed to repurchase his Corvette. GM paid off the balance on the vehicle, reimbursed our client for the down payment, monthly payments, registration, less the mileage fee allowed under the California Lemon Law. They also paid our attorney fees.

If you are having problems with your vehicle that the dealership is not able to fix, you may be driving a lemon. Please call Barry at 888-395-3666 at the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant for a free consultation and to find out your rights under the Lemon Law.


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