As U.S. Volkswagen owners wait for a recall to see how the automobile manufacturer will repair vehicles rigged with software that allows them to pass federal emissions tests, some question whether they will have repairs done at all. According to the head of Volkswagen, the fix could result in vehicles experiencing lower top speeds and higher fuel consumption than listed on the window sticker. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) records show the average completion rate for auto recalls in the United States is only around 75% over 18 months, and if the emissions fix results in decreased fuel economy and performance, owners will be even more reluctant to take their vehicle in.

For now, thousands of 2016 VW diesel models are stranded at ports around the nation until the EPA can certify their emissions control systems. In California, the Air Resource Board (CARB) said they will be carrying out emissions tests on diesel cars made by other manufacturers and have set a deadline of November 20th for Volkswagen to submit a recall remedy for approval. According to CARB, if there is not enough owner response to get repairs done, the option of not issuing vehicle registration until the recall has been carried out could be implemented.

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