The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were recently contacted by the owner of a 2013 Audi Coupe, who was looking for advice about his defective vehicle. He said he was experiencing problems with the engine and transmission which caused the vehicle to accelerate poorly, hesitate, and surge under normal driving conditions. The vehicle also had a defective suspension which required repeated repairs to the rear differential. His dealership verified that the vehicle was undriveable, but they were unable to offer any solutions.

Upon reviewing the purchase order and repair orders of the Audi, we could see it was an excellent candidate for protection under the California Lemon Law. Within a relatively short period after filling our demand to buyback the vehicle, Audi agreed to repurchase the Coupe, pay off the purchase balance, and reimburse our client for the down payment and monthly payments; less the usage fee deduction allowed under the California Lemon Law. Our attorney fees were also paid by the manufacturer. Our client could not have been happier to be rid of his defective vehicle and get reimbursed for the monies he had paid.

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