Jaguar will be contacting 74,648 owners of certain 2006-2012 Land Rover Range Rover vehicles over concerns with the braking system. According to reports filed with the NHTSA, drivers could experience a loss of brake fluid as a result of one or both of the front brake jump (flexi) hoses rupturing. A vehicle exhibiting loss of brake fluid will illuminate a red warning triangle, a ‘Check Brake Fluid’ on the instrument cluster, and will experience a loss of front wheel braking. Braking capability will be retained by the rear brake circuit, but the pedal will feel degraded and stopping distances will increase.

Land Rover dealers will replace the left and right front brake hoses starting in March. Owners wanting more information about the problem are asked to contact Land Rover customer service at 1-800-637-6837. Land Rover’s number for this recall is P054 the NHTSA campaign number is 15V-039.

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