Infiniti is alerting owners of certain 2013-2015 hybrid sedans of a safety defect with their vehicles transmission software. In the affected vehicles, the Engine Control Module (ECM) is designed to go into fail safe mode and partially close the electronic throttle chamber if it detects a signal interruption from either one of the two Throttle Position Sensors (TPS). A programming error could lead to the electronic throttle chamber gradually opening regardless of the throttle position, resulting in the acceleration of the vehicle. Although the acceleration can be overcome by normal application of the brakes, the issue could increase the risk of an accident.

The vehicles affected by this problem include:

Nissan will notify owners to return their vehicles to a Nissan dealer to have the ECM reprogrammed. For more information about the problem, owners are asked to contact Nissan customer service at 1-800-647-7261. The NHTSA Campaign number for this recall is 14V-583.

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