As GM launches its plug in hybrid, the Chevrolet Volt, and Nissan releases its all electric Leaf, Mercedes Benz will also be releasing it hydrogen powered vehicles to California residents. Mercedes is leasing the vehicles to a small groups of people in order to study the vehicles performance in real life conditions. This information will be provided to the Department of Energy to help them in their effort to meet stringent mileage and emission regulations.

Powered by an electric motor delivering 134 horsepower, the Mercedes F-Cell B-Class offers the advantages of a gas-powered conventional car, while using half the fuel and emitting only water. “We believe this is a great addition to our fast-growing portfolio of alternative fuel vehicles.” said Sascha Simon, head of advanced product planning at Mercedes-Benz USA. The information gathered by this study will help the effort in transforming the U.S. into a country that is fueled entirely by domestically produced energy

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