When Tesla Motors was first introduced as a public stock offering, the demand was so high that the size of the IPO was raised to 13.3 million shares up form the planned 11.1 million, and the price was set higher than the originally planned $14-$16. The stock did really well the first two days hitting a high of $30.42 only two days after it was offered.

But, investors hunger for Tesla faded fast as the IPO fell back quickly below its offering price. Whether it was the lack of long term investors, or the fact that the company will spend a lot more cash before their Model S will be mass produced in 2012, it is expected that the stock will go down even further before it stabilizes.

David Menlow, head of IPOfinancial.com in Millburn, N.J., said he believed that Musk had the “right formula” for an electric-car company in the long run. Interested investors should be patient, Menlow advised: “Let the momentum play itself out.”

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