Hyundai will be asking the owners of certain 2016-2017 Santa Fe vehicles to return to their dealerships to repair an electrical problem affecting the seat belt warning system. The subject vehicles use a front occupant seat belt buckle with an integrated switch to monitor the seat belt latch status. In some Santa Fe’s, the seat belt buckle harness could be damaged by the height adjuster mechanism. If this happens, there will be no audible signal or warning light that the seat belt is not fastened or the chime and indicator light will stay on even when the seat belt is buckled. Continue reading

Chrysler will be contacting the owners of certain 2016 Dodge Dart vehicles about a software problem affecting vehicles with 2.0L engines and a manual transmission. Also included, are certain 2015 Dodge Dart vehicles similarly equipped and brought in for dealer service between September 15, 2015 and January 12, 2016.

According to the defect report filed with the NHTSA, these vehicles may be missing the second layer redundant torque security software in the powertrain control module. Without a backup layer of software, the control module may fail to prevent an un-commanded torque event which could increase the risk of an accident. (During an un-commanded torque event, the operator of the vehicle will still be able to override the problem through either the clutch and/or the service brakes.) Continue reading

Toyota will be contacting the owners of certain 2013-2014 Scion FR-S cars about an electrical problem that could affect vehicle safety. These automobiles are equipped with automatic transmissions and key ignitions. Push button start FR-S’s are not included.

The automatic transmission key interlock system used to stop the key from being removed while in “park” was disconnected to prevent damage during transport and may not have been re-connected during the pre delivery service check at the dealer. If not connected, it is possible for the ignition key could be removed in gear selection controls other than “Park”. These vehicles do not meet the requirements of S5.2 of FMVSS 114 and could unexpectedly roll away. Continue reading

Mercedes Benz will be contacting a small number of S550 Hybrid owners about a problem affecting certain S-Class, C-Class, and M-Class vehicles. According to reports, the circuit board in the high voltage outboard charger may have been manufactured with circuit electrical connections that are too thin. The connection could break and leave the external charging function unavailable and/or the high voltage outboard charger may incorrectly detect the charging cable while the car is being driven. Continue reading

Chrysler will be notifying the owners of certain 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles about an electrical problem affecting their cars. According to reports filed with the NHTSA, the Power Distribution Center (PDC) electrical connector may have been manufactured with spread terminals that could have an intermittent connection between the connector and the PDC. An intermittent loss of power to electrical components could cause a vehicle to stall or go into neutral without warning. Continue reading

Mercedes Benz will be asking a small number of 2014 CLA250 and CL45 AMG coupe owners to return to their dealership for a manufacturing error affecting the electrical system.

Due to a deviation of the production process at the supplier, one or more fuses may have been improperly seated in the fuse holder and could become dislodged over time due to vibrations. In the event of a loss of electrical contact the passenger seat occupancy recognition, the passenger side airbag indicator lamp, the instrument cluster, and the windshield wipers could unexpectedly stop working. Continue reading

Due to a manufacturing issue, Nissan will be asking owners of certain 2013-2014 Cube, 2013-2014 Juke, and 2014 Versa vehicles to return to their dealerships for repairs. According to the defect report, the casting of the ignition immobilizer antenna housing may not meet design specifications and could shrink when exposed to hot temperatures. Under rare circumstances, the start/stop button could become stuck in a halfway depressed position and electrical components within the button could contact repeatedly, initiating an emergency engine shut off procedure. Continue reading

An electrical problem affecting certain 2012 Subaru Impreza four door cars will have 32,400 owners returning to their dealership for repairs. The affected vehicles are equipped with a capacitance type Occupant Detection Systems (ODS) in the front passenger seat.

According to the defect report filed with the NHTSA, if the passenger is using a device plugged into the accessory power outlet and/or touches a grounded metal part of the vehicle, while the ODS is on, the occupant control unit (OCU) may falsely register an abnormally high rise in the occupant’s capacitance. This could result in deactivation of the ODS. If this happens, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) will be stored in the vehicle’s memory, (B1650, B1760 and/or B1761), the airbag warning light will illuminate, and the passenger air bag indicator will illuminate “OFF”. Continue reading