Our client bought a new 2015 GMC Yukon and initially was very happy with the vehicle.

He first brought his vehicle to the GMC dealership on May 17, 2017 because the vehicle had to be jump started and they replaced the battery. There was also a popping noise coming from the steering wheel when he would make turns.

The Yukon was back at the dealership 2 days later because the check engine light was on with the code P0430.

In November our client brought it in because the driver side taillight was not working.

On December 14th it was back at the GMC authorized dealership because the check engine light was on again. The vehicle was also displaying a message that said “service traction control”. Also when he would use the A/C, it would not blow cold air.

He requested that the front brakes be replaced on March 30th. He also noticed a clicking from the steering wheel and reported that to the service representative.

The Yukon was back at the dealership on May 18 because when turning the wheel there was a popping sound.

His final visit to the dealership was October 23 due to the fact that when turning the wheel there was still a popping sound.

He had heard about the lemon law and decided to contact our office to find out what his rights were under the California lemon law. He spoke with Barry L. Edzant, a California Lemon Law Attorney with over 32 years of experience. He was able to answer our clients questions and requested that the client send us some documents to review. Barry called back our client and explained what he would be entitled to be reimbursed under the California lemon law. He signed up with our firm and a demand letter was sent to General Motors Corporation immediately.

The client was thrilled because Mr. Edzant was able to get GMC to buy back the vehicle which included reimbursement for the down payment, all payments made to date and the payoff of the loan. GMC was entitled to subtract a mileage deduction allowed under the lemon law. They also paid for the registration and all attorney fees.

If you’re having problems with your vehicle and dealership doesn’t seem to be able to fix it, you may be driving a lemon.
Please contact our office at 888-395-3666 to find out if your vehicle may be a lemon. Mr. Edzant handles lemon law cases for the entire state of California.

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