Our client purchased a used 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Vehicle.

  • In March, 2015 he brought his car to an authorized Cadillac dealership because of a ticking noise coming from the front wheel when turning.
  • In June 2015 he brought the vehicle back in as the message “Service power steering” was coming up on the Driver Information Center. His vehicle was in the shop for 23 days.
  • His next visit was early November as the “Service power steering message” was showing up again. The TPM (Tire pressure monitor) light was on, too.
  • Another visit to the Cadillac dealership was necessary 2 days later as the “Service power steering” message was popping up again. The mileage at this point was 16,706 miles on his Cadillac CTS-V.
  • November 16th it was back at the dealership with the message, “Service power steering” appearing again on the Driver Information Center.
  • A few days later there was a terrible squealing noise from the engine area so the CTS-V was brought in again.
  • His final visit to the dealership was in February 2018 as the “Service power steering” message” was coming up for the 5th time.

Our client was frustrated and after giving the Cadillac dealership 7 times to try and fix his vehicle, he contacted our law firm, the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant for a free consultation. After speaking with him and reviewing some paperwork we felt he met the criteria of the California Lemon Law and our law firm was retained. A demand letter was sent on his behalf to the General Motors Corporation.

Our firm successfully won a full repurchase for our client for his defective vehicle. The manufacturer reimbursed our client for all payments made to date, the down payment, paid off the loan, paid for the registration, less a mileage deduction allowed under the California Lemon Law. GMC also paid all the attorney fees. We also received some additional compensation for our client above the actual purchase price.

If you are having repeat problems with your vehicle, please contact our office, the Law Office of Barry L. Edzant at 888-395-3666. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about your rights under the California Lemon Law.

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