The Law Offices of Delsack & Associates, P.C. were approached by the owner of a 2010 GMC Acadia who was currently on active military duty in California. He was uncertain whether his vehicle qualified as a lemon because it had been purchased in another state. We explained that the California Lemon Law was expanded in January 2008. It allows military service personnel who have purchased a vehicle outside of California to be protected under the California lemon law if on active duty in the state.

During our lemon law consultation the Acadia owner told us he bought his vehicle in February 2010 and had been trying to have the problems repaired since June 30, 2010. His GMC dealer had already been given seventeen (17) opportunities to repair the defects, some of which had recalls and TSBs issued by the manufacturer. These defects include:

  • Side impact air bags and seat belt pretensioners that fail to deploy (NHTSA Recall 14V-118)
  • Seat belts that may not sufficiently restrain occupants (NHTSA Recall 14V-266)
  • Seat belt buckles that could crack if the seat is folded while the belt is buckled (TSB PIT-4547F)
  • Transmission that is difficult to shift and hesitates
  • HVAC system malfunction
  • Steering noise and difficulty turning at low speeds
  • Ignition system problems
  • Console freezes up and buttons are unresponsive
  • Water pump failure

Within a few short weeks we were able to negotiate a repurchase of the defective vehicle and recover his
down payment, monthly payments, and registration; less the mileage deduction allowed under California ‘s
lemon law. GMC also paid all of our attorney fees. Needless to say our client was thrilled to be rid of his 2010 Acadia and get his money back.

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