Ever since Google developed their self driving car, consumers have dreamed about the day when their vehicles could transport them to work, leaving them to concentrate on more important things or simply give them a little more time to sleep. Unfortunately multiple cameras, radar sensors, and laser range finders make the technology unobtainable for most.

According to Gaby Hayon, senior vice president for research and development at Mobileye Vision Technologies, camera only autonomous driving technology has the capability to allow autonomous driving in a single lane traffic at freeway speeds, has proven its ability to detect pedestrians and cyclists, as well as identify traffic lights to automatically slow and stop a vehicle. The company is demonstrating how quickly autonomous vehicles could be commercialized without an expensive price tag.

Mobileye recently begun offering a third generation version of its technology to companies like Volvo and Nissan. This summer, the first systems offering a feature known as “traffic jam assist” will begin arriving in more than five major automobile makers. These cars will be able to drive safely in stop-and-go traffic but will still require drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel. According to Mobileye a more advanced systems will be introduced as early as 2016.

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