Last month, U.S. automobile lenders received subpoenas from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) over the sale of extended warranties, add-ons and other financial products. Regulators are probing whether the terms and prices of these products are adequately disclosed to consumers and are questioning if some lenders may be using them as a way of boosting profits. These probes are part of the CFPB’s latest efforts to regulate auto-lending practices.

In March, the CFPB said it believes that letting dealers set the final interest rate for customers, creates the potential for discrimination against minority groups. Even though the bureau lacks jurisdiction over dealerships, except for buy-here, pay-here dealerships, they said that lenders could be held responsible for dealership actions.

Lenders and dealers dispute the discrimination allegations, and say that restrictions on lending could affect millions of Americans who use loans to buy new and used vehicles as well as hurt the banking industry’s profits at a time of low interest rates and weak loan demand.

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