A Fresno, California man says he may have died after buying a used 2009 Dodge RAM with an open recall on it. The vehicle had undergone a 125 point inspection, but after owning it for approximately four months, the drive shaft separated from the rear axle while he was driving on Highway 41. According to the general sales manager of the dealership, the missed recall was a case of human error, but an Action News investigation shows that the problem is wide spread with dealerships across the Valley. Continue reading

Although the California lemon law was designed to protect consumers who discover unfixable defects with the new vehicle they have purchased or leased, many states have included provisions to protect used car consumers as well.

The defect still must impair the safety, value, or use of the vehicle, and a manufacturer approved repair facility must be given a reasonable number of repair attempts to qualify. This includes four (4) repair attempts for the same or similar problem or two (2) repair attempts for a defect likely to cause serious bodily harm. Continue reading