mercedes c-classMercedes-Benz is recalling 85,000 2010 C-Class and 2010-2011 E-Class automobiles for problems with the steering. According to Mercedes, a fitting on the high pressure power steering line may have not been tightened enough which could lead to a leak. As a result, the driver may not be able to control the vehicle under circumstances that require maximum power steering.

Mercedes-Benz says Daimler AG will notify affected customers if their vehicle is recalled. The company says its dealers will check and properly tighten the connection between the line and the pump. The recall is expected to begin this month.

Toyota has set itself up as one of the top hybrid makers in the world with the development of one of the first hybrid vehicles, the Prius. They share their technology with companies like Nissan, Mazda and Ford, which allows them to produce hybrids in larger numbers while keeping the cost down. Recently, Toyota has partnered with Tesla Motors to develop and electric version of Toyota’s RAV4 crossover. The RAV4 EV will be making its debut at this years LA Auto show, and will begin selling the model to the public in 2012.

Japanese media reported this Friday that Toyota may be expanding it’s hybrid empire. Dailmler is working on its own hybrid technology and has approached Toyota about sharing its gas electric hybrid technology with them. The two companies have been in negotiations for over a year now, so an official announcement is expected soon. If the deal should go through we could see Toyota technology showing up in Mercedes-Benz vehicles as early as 2012.

Daimler trucks is recalling certain model year 2008 through 2011 Freightliner Columbia, Cascadia, Coronado, Century, M2, Sterling 9500, and Western Star 4900 vehicles equipped with DD13 and DD15/DD16 engines and manufactured from January 1, 2007 through April 5, 2010. The problem is with the fuel filter becoming restricted resulting in the low pressure fuel flange becoming cracked resulting in a fuel leak. The fuel flange will be replaced with a new part free of charge. Owners may contact Daimler trucks at 1-800-547-0172.

A couple of months after Daimler bought a 4% share in Tesla Motors they have turned around and sold 40% of their share to Aabar Investments of Abu Dhabi. Tesla Motors located in San Carlos, California makes high performance electric cars and is the only electric car maker with vehicles that can go for long distances. Their Roadster is the first electric-battery vehicle to go more than 200 miles per charge. Tesla Motors was given $465 million in loans from the US Department of Energy to speed up in the production of fuel efficient, affordable electric vehicles.