The Virginial Tech Transportation Institute has completed a study on drivers texting inside their vehicles while driving. The findings show that the risk is far greater than previously thought.

The study outfitted the cabs of long-haul trucks with video cameras over an 18 month period and found when the drivers texted, their risk of a collision was found to be 23 times greater. Drivers typically spend 5 seconds using their devices, which at highway speeds can be equivalent to the length of a football field. For example, at 60 mph the vehicle would actually travel 440 feet in that time span; at 50 mph 367 feet; and at 40 mph 293 feet. You have to ask yourself whether you would be willing to drive more than the length of a football field, which is more than an entire city block, with your eyes off the road.

Texting has increased dramatically. In December texters in the U.S. sent over 110 billion messages.

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2007-2010 Chevrolet Silverados may make a clunking noise in the rear.

2007-2010 GMC Sierras may make a clunking noise in the rear.

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2009 Continental Flying Spur – Seat belt problem- Their is a potential problem for the center rear seat belt to not work correctly in the event of a frontal impact. In the event of a crash, a person may not be properly restrained increasing the risk of injury. Please call your Bentley dealer and schedule an appointment.

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Ford’s Fiesta which will be arriving in the U.S. next summer as a 2011 model was designed for a 28 year old female named Antonella. She is attractive woman who lives in Rome and her life is about fun, friends, parties, and clubbing. What is so unusual is that Antonella in not real.

Ford invents characters to help them better understand their ultimate customer. They are using Antonella and others to help create a psychological profile. Ford has found that if you don’t give the designers this kind of information they design the cars for themselves instead of the public. Ford has been using this process since 2002.

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Last month we learned that GM would be ending its joint venture, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc., with Toyota. Toyota is now going to begin discussions towards dissolving the venture with the “Old GM.” Toyota has been examining the US market after auto sales have been on the down side. Toyota is carefully looking at their options for NUMMI.

Toyota has said that the labor costs are not competitive with other plants in the U.S. such as Georgetown, Kentucky. The UAW has said that part of the reason for the joint venture was to have American employees learn Toyota’s methods of production, which are more efficient.

California represents Toyota’s largest market in the United States. California senators and House members are communicating with Toyota to see is they can keep the plant from closing.

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Earlier this week German media announced that Volkswagen is close to a deal to takeover Porsche. The deal is said to be in the neighborhood of $11 billion. The deal would be in two steps with VW initially purchasing 50% of Porsche and then they would acquire the remaining shares in a second step.

This would give Porsche and Piech family an ownership 50% of the shares in the newly merged VW-Porsche company. The lower state of Saxony would keep its 20% holding and this would make it possible for the emirate of Qatar to purchase some shares.

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