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California Lemon Law
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Steps To A Strong California Lemon Law Defense

How To Build A Strong California Lemon Law Defense

Our law firm has successfully protected California lemon law clients since 1989. We have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of clients.

If you think you own a lemon, these important defenses will help create a good Lemon Law case, making is easier to get your car repurchased.

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    Bring your car in early. At the first sign of a manufacturing problem get a repair order from an authorized dealer. If the manufacturer buys your car back, the lower the mileage of the first repair, the lower will be the use fee deduction, and the greater the amount you may get back.

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    Always get a copy of the work order when you leave the vehicle; and always get a copy of the actual completed repair order when picking up the vehicle. Be sure the work order accurately shows your complaints. If the problem recurs, even if only 5 minutes later, get a new and separate repair order. Do not let the dealer add on to the earlier one. If possible, have the technician write on the repair order that they verified your complaint.

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    Be consistent in your complaints. The California lemon law states that the manufacturer must be allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts to fix the same problem. So be sure that the way your complaint is written on the repair order shows that you are describing the same problem.

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    Check the technical service bulletins or TSBs. These are issued by manufacturers for common defects for your specific year and model. Usually the dealer will not tell you about TSBs, unless you ask. Even if they tell you none exist, make sure that your request is written on the repair order.

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    Watch out for bad advice. Dealer service personnel are not lawyers. They may give you bad advice about the California Lemon Law which may affect your decision about how to handle your problem. If you have a question call us. Don't be swayed by remarks that you are the cause of your car's problems, like you don't know how to use the brakes, or the NAV system, or it's because you live on a hill, or you are using bad gas. These are just excuses for a problem the dealer doesn't know how to fix.

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    Watch out for arbitration. Some manufacturers suggest that you have to go through arbitration before you can use the California Lemon Law. That is not true! In fact, it can be very dangerous. The ruling of an arbitrator has the same effect as if it were a decision made in a court of law. If the ruling is against you, it can make it considerably more difficult to later win your case.

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    The final step is to call our offices for a free consultation as soon as you think you have a lemon. In most cases the manufacturer will pay all or most of the attorney fees. Call us today at 888-EX-LEMON or 888-395-3666 or complete the short submittal form at the top of this page.

Life is too short to live with a lemon, especially if we may get rid of it for you and get you your money back. We look forward to hearing from you.

End Your Frustration, all of the attorney fees are paid for by the manufacturer.

We will evaluate your case for free, tell you how much you may be entitled to get back.

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