GM employees who are not union members may be laid off. A judge may also approve pay cuts for GM salaried employees which it can do as if it were outside the bankruptcy.

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Whereas Chrysler had entered into an agreement with Fiat before its case began in the bankruptcy court, General Motors is attempting to reorganize without such prior arrangements, with the help of financing from the treasury, which is providing $30 billion to allow the company to continue to operate while it is in bankruptcy. This is in addition to the $20 billion previously given to GM.

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The government has announced that supplier contracts, which normally could be canceled in bankruptcy, would remain in force and has established a new program to provide help to suppliers. Eventually General Motors will ask the approval of the court to allow it to end contracts with some suppliers who, while they may challenge the cancellations, will most likely have to reach some kind of a settlement with GM.

Although the Obama administration states that will take no direct interest in the day-to-day operations of the new GM, it is nevertheless known to favor smaller cars and hybrid electric vehicles.

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The answer is “yes”. The government has publictly stated that it will stand behind all warranties for those cars, trucks, or suv’s purchased during the bankruptcy, as it has stated it will do for Chrysler buyers.

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